Together with a mysterious magical girl, you discover what happened in a sleeping palace lost in time and find a way to revive its splendor.
8 is a computer exploration game developed by Tale of Tales, and their first project. The story was inspired by various retellings of the classic tale, Sleeping Beauty. Though the game remains unfinished, the story is currently being revisited and developed under the code name, The Book of 8, which is in the early prototype stage.

Plotline Edit

A young girl gets trapped in a luxurious palace surrounded by a thick forest. Everyone in the palace is asleep. They should have woken up by now. The Prince should have come by now. But the Princess is in no condition to meet him. Assisted by a Wicked Fairy out for revenge, eight unworthy princes have penetrated the forest and disrupted the magic that once protected the sleeping court. The power of the spell is fading. The forest branches are growing. The palace walls are crumbling.