Carmen (Photo)
Name: Carmen
Alias: Sexy Red[1]
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Date of birth: November 8, 1992[2]
Personal status
Relatives: Robin (younger sister)
Rose (younger sister)
Ginger (younger sister)
Ruby (younger sister)
Scarlet (older sister)
Game: The Path
The warm glow caresses my skin. Peels me layer by layer. Until I am pure. For you.

Carmen is one of the six playable characters in The Path.


Carmen is a girl with short, black hair with the tips dyed purple. She wears a fitted, red and black shirt along with red pants and dress shoes.


Seventeen. A glorious age for a girl. Having left her childhood body behind, she enjoys parading the new Carmen. She is fully aware of the heads that turn when she passes by. She'll give them a little bit extra to look at too. A shake of the hips. A wink of the eye. But no more. Carmen fancies herself a femme fatale perhaps. But inside she knows that all she wants is a little bit of attention. From a warm and handsome man, perhaps. Who can keep her safe. Hold her tight. With a strength that approaches violence. He doesn't need to be as wild as she is, but it wouldn't hurt.

The Wolf sceneEdit

When Carmen reaches the Camp Site, she will find her Wolf in the guise of a lumberjack or woodsman. Carmen can steal his hat and wear it herself, but the woodsman wouldn't mind. Whenever Carmen approaches the woodsman, he will stop cutting the trees. When Carmen sits down at the campfire, the woodsman will approach her and sit next to her. He will offer Carmen a beer and drinks one himself, after which the screen fades to black.


My sister Ruby is so pretty - if she wasn't such a bore, she could get all the boys!
―About Ruby[3]
Scarlet acts all grown up and stuff, but I know she only thinks of one thing.
―About Scarlet[3]
Hans touched us in places that we didn't even know we had. They call him a "technical artist"... Hm... He's an artist alright!...
―About Hans[3]
The man who would save is our destroyer, but the tenderness of giving in can defeat any power.



  • In the character select screen she is seen posing with a hat, a possible foreshadow to when she takes the hat off the Woodsman Wolf.
  • The definition of her name is: "A driver of a streetcar or a horse drawn carriage".
  • Her name is a shade of red.


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