The forest is a location in The Path. In the game, once the player received control of one of the sisters, they are given the option to stay on the path, or stray from it. Straying from the path will lead he or she into the forest, where they may meet the Wolf. There are seven landmarks in the forest, each one (barring Grandmother's House) being pivotal to each girl's journey through the forest.

It is notable that there are many things in the forest that would normally not be there, from a shopping cart to a television set. Interacting with these items in the forest adds to what is available in Grandmother's House, ranging from simple items appearing in the house (i.e. an urn, a mirror, etc.) to entire rooms (i.e. the birthday room, the gymnasium, etc.).


Below are listed landmarks and which Wolf appears in these locations for who.

Image Landmark The Wolf
Grandmother's House (Entrance) Grandmother's House None
Old Cemetery Old Cemetery Werewolf of Robin
100px Misty Lake Cloud Wolf of Rose
Field of Flowers Field of Flowers Girl in Red Wolf of Ginger
Abandoned Playground Abandoned Playground Charming Wolf of Ruby
100px Camp Site Woodsman Wolf of Carmen
Ruined Theater Ruined Theater Fey Wolf of Scarlet


  • It matters at what point you stray from the path - when you go into the forest on the beginning or on the end of the path, the atmosphere is different.