Ginger (Photo)
Name: Ginger
Alias: Tomboy Red[1]
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Date of birth: September 14, 1996[2]
Personal status
Relatives: Robin (younger sister)
Rose (younger sister)
Ruby (older sister)
Carmen (older sister)
Scarlet (older sister)
Game: The Path
There's things that I see that nobody can.

Ginger is one of the six playable characters in The Path.


Ginger is a girl with short, bright red hair that is naturally black. She also has two dark blue feathers that she wears in the back of her hair, along with a choker around her neck. She also dons two bracelets and two anklets on her left wrist and right ankle, respectively. She wears a loose-fitting black short sleeve tee-shirt, black shorts, and two red belts.


The forest is a great place for adventures! And a much more fun way to get to grandmother's house. Ginger isn't one for sticking to paths. Running around in the fields, climbing gnarly old trees, playing wild games with abandoned toys, collecting pebbles and hitting things with sticks. The idea of growing up doesn't hold much appeal. Who'd want to give up their childhood? But Ginger is 13. The end is near.

She's a fresh flower of the field in her own way. Very independent -a loner, actually- and completely absorbed in the game she thinks of as life. Will she bloom before she wilts? Will she ever learn? Should she?

The Wolf sceneEdit

Ginger's Wolf appears as a girl in a red dress. She meets her at the Field of Flowers. The Girl in the red dress seems to vanish when you try to approach her. However, when Ginger faces away from the Girl in the red dress, the Girl in the red dress will approach Ginger, and they will start playing with each other in the Field of Flowers. After a while, the Girl falls to the ground and pulls Ginger with her. While they lie next to each other, laughing, the camera zooms out and fades to black, after which Ginger will be lying in front of Grandmother's house.


My younger sister Rose - she seems so old sometimes.
―About Rose[3]
Carmen thinks she's hot - I guess she is, if you're into that sort of thing.
―About Carmen[3]
Laura is cool! She animated me and my sisters. They say she even animated wolves. *In our forest??* I find that hard to believe!
―About Laura Raines Smith[3]
Aha! A knife! This could come handy!
Feather, flowers, stick and stones. You can grab my skins but you'll never get my bones.
There is always a door and a door can be either open or shut. The difference is me!



  • In the film Gingersnaps, the protagonist is named Ginger. The developers of The Path are big fans of this movie.
  • In the opening scene she is shown dragging a white object back and forth with a stick and with a bored expression on her face.


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