Robin (Photo)
Name: Robin
Alias: Kid Red[1]
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Date of birth: October 13, 2000[2]
Personal status
Relatives: Rose (older sister)
Ginger (older sister)
Ruby (older sister)
Carmen (older sister)
Scarlet (older sister)
Game: The Path
People die. It's hard to imagine for a kid like me. They die and we put them in the ground. Like flowers.

Robin is one of the six playable characters in The Path.


Robin is a young girl with short black hair, along with very pale skin. She wears a red hooded rain coat as well as black and red striped rain boots.


Robin is nine years old. A very lively child. She loves playing in the forest. Only on the path, of course. Mother tells her to never go into the woods. She never says why. Robin thinks there may by fun things to play with in the forest. She sometimes hears the creaking sounds of what seems to be a swing! Or the howl of a wolf in the distance! Robin likes wolves. They are her favorite kind of animal!

The Wolf sceneEdit

Robin's encounters her Wolf in the forest; he is the only manifestation to take even the remote appearance of an actual wolf. This Wolf appears before Robin in the Old Cemetery as a large black wolf, albeit much larger and standing on its hind legs. If the player should choose to let Robin interact with it she will playfully jump on its back as the wolf carries her around, trying to shake her off. The screen will then zoom out and fade to black before Robin is seen lying unconscious in the rain.


Ginger is my FAVORITEST sister - she doesn't talk to me much.
―About Ginger[3]
Mam is always so BUSY - good thing we have Scarlet to keep us out of TROUBLE.
―About Scarlet[3]
This woman called JARBOE she lives in a black house in the forest - like grandma she sings when we walk on the path she made all the music.
―About Jarboe[3]
Young dead bird, not me!
People die. It's hard to imagine for a kid like me. They die and we put them in the ground, just like flowers.
A silver bullet, how pretty!
I'm a kid. I'm a kid, I'm a little kid. And I play, and I play in my little way! Buy me now at discount prices.
I'll have to be very careful with this and not run anymore.
Digging in the dirt. Getting dirty nails. Scratching in the grave. Dirty dirty dirt.
I see a cloud howling to the moon!
Dear Lord. Make heaven be a fun place. Amen.
Wolves are just dogs. But werewolves are like people.



  • She is seen playing with a toy car in the character selection scene.
  • Like Rose, she has a nature based Wolf.


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