Rose (Photo)
Name: Rose
Alias: Innocent Red[1]
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Date of birth: 1998
Personal status
Relatives: Robin (younger sister)
Ginger (older sister)
Ruby (older sister)
Carmen (older sister)
Scarlet (older sister)
Game: The Path
Deep inside everybody is a dream.

Rose is one of the six playable characters in The Path.


Rose is a girl with medium length black hair in which she places on her right shoulder, with the layers in the front held together by two pink thick hairties. She wears a long black spaghetti-strapped dress on top of her red short-sleeved dress which has lace lining the bottom, as well as a pair of red boots.


Rose is mature for her age. But there is a certain air of innocence about her that is charming and disconcerting at the same time. Barely a teenager -Rose is eleven-, she is discovering the world around her with fresh eyes. And all is beautiful! The wind in the trees, the birds in the air, the flowers along the path. Rose is taking it in voraciously. So much so that she will defend even nature's smallest creatures against anyone who might wish them harm.

But who will protect sweet Rose herself, when she is lured off the path? With a promise of unearthly bliss, of light in abundance where no sun will ever shine? You're just a little girl, Rose! Just a fragile little girl...

The Wolf sceneEdit

Rose finds her wolf in the midst of the Misty Lake, after taking a boat at the shore of the lake. The wolf appears to her as a mysterious floating body covered in clouds. When the boat approaches the Cloud Wolf, he is seen turning around at place, but when he spots Rose, he will start floating around her, causing her to float. The game transitions to Grandmother's house, where Rose will be lying outside.


I think Ruby wants to die. It's so sad.
―About Ruby[2]
Carmen seems so sure of herself, but I know she's lonely inside.
―About Carmen[2]
Auriea is the star! Or should that be the goddess? She made us all in her image. And the forest! And the house!
―About Auriea Harvey[2]
One left bullet means one left dead.
The dead go in the dirt while their souls fly to the sky.
The cycle of life and death knows no beginning and no end.
The harmony of nature. The melody of a flower. From the darkness, in the light. Nothing is bad.
If this balloon did not have a string, it would simply float away.
I am a little bird, making sweet forest music. Floating on the waves of sound
Everything is one. My molecules float in all direction. The trees, the clouds, we are all one.



  • In the original story of Snow White, Snow White's sister is named Rose Red.
  • A florist in the American tall-tale, The Legend of Slappy Hooper, is also named Rose Red.
  • Along with her sisters, her first name is the shading or a reference to red.
  • In the selection screen, Rose is seen petting a rabbit.
  • When Rose is not on the selection screen, the rabbit she was petting can be seen on the floor.


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