Ruby (Photo)
Name: Ruby
Alias: Goth Red[1]
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Date of birth: 1994
Personal status
Relatives: Robin (younger sister)
Rose (younger sister)
Ginger (younger sister)
Carmen (older sister)
Scarlet (older sister)
Game: The Path
Cut my veins and make me bleed. A valley or ocean. Desire or need?

Ruby is one of the six playable characters in The Path.


Ruby is a girl with long, black hair and bangs, along with dark red lips and pale skin. She wears a fitted, striped, red and black T-shirt along with a short, black skirt. She has transparent tights, albeit only on her right leg, and her left leg is accompanied with a brace.


The other girls call her "goth"... It's one way of killing people: stereotyping them, putting them in a box and throwing it away. But there's more to Ruby than meets the eye. A young lady by now, 15 years of age. Life has opened up to her as a rotting flower of corruption. She can see through it all but remains an enigma herself.

When asked about her leg brace, Ruby says she's in pain. But doesn't specify where it hurts.

Ruby does not long for death. She takes a perverse pleasure in observing the extreme decay of adult society. But what will happen when she ceases to be a witness and becomes a participant instead?

The Wolf sceneEdit

Ruby's Wolf takes the form of a sinister-looking young man with blond hair, wearing a black shirt, a pair of black pants, and a matching belt with a silver buckle. Ruby meets him in the Abandoned Playground where he is first seen dragging something rolled up in a rug, most players assuming to be a dead body. He can then be seen sitting down on a bench. If the player chooses to let Ruby interact with him, she sits down on the bench as well. When she does, he attempts to put his left arm around her shoulders, and at first, she shies away. He then offers her a cigarette, to which Ruby takes. They then sit there for a while, smoking, as the game transitions to outside grandmother's house, where Ruby is lying.


This is my kid sister, Robin... Ah, the innocence of youth.
―About Robin[2]
This would be little sister, Rose. So sweet she makes my teeth hurt.
―About Rose[2]
So, they tell me THIS is Michaël, the guy who programmed everything we know! Hmm... Doesn't look so tough to me...
―About Michaël Samyn[2]
A scarecrow. And no birds. Efficient! Wish I had one like this to keep the idiots away.
There's such beauty in decay. Rust is lovelier than paint. Though I doubt old age will happen to me.
I must be getting old. It's about time!
Men are like motorcycles. You just drive them to where you want them to be, then let somebody else take care of them.
Sitting on wheels. Paralyzed soul. Nowhere to go. Fast.
Don't come close if you want something from me. Whatever it is, I probably don't have it. Just leave me alone.
Engines. And friends. Turn them off. Turn them on. Life. Death. Are they so different?
If you give me your head, you will please me so. Much more from a silver platter. I shall eat you!
Paint drips like tears. Gravity brings everything down. It's only natural.



  • On the character select screen she is shown sitting down at the black table with a bored expression on her face, and her head being held up by her hand.
  • Despite having her left leg accompanied with a brace, she runs faster than her sisters.
  • Urban dictionaries definition of the gemstone of a ruby matches her attitude: "The gem is difficult to find without internal flaws and in deep color".
  • Her reaction to taking the scarecrow's head seems to refer to the story of Salome requesting the head of John the Baptist on a silver platter--perhaps a nod to Tale of Tales' Fatale
  • In comment section under one of her LiveJournal entries, she states that her original hair color is green,[3] but it seems to be a lie, as it's impossible to have a natural color like this, and she wanted to keep this information as a secret.[4]
  • She's not a Christian.[5]


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