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Tale of Tales BVBA is a Belgian developer of art games and screensavers founded in 2002 by Auriea Harvey (concept art, 3D modeling and texture mapping) and Michaël Samyn (interaction, effects and game programming),[1][2] who had been working together in the creation of Web sites and electronic art as Entropy8Zuper! since 1999.[3] In an interview by Nightmare Mode, Michael Samyn explained their motivations to create interactive art and disappointment to the lack of evolution in interaction of games.[4]

They live very close to the Saint Bavo Cathedral, which they consider one of their greatest influences.[5] The studio is named after Giambattista Basile's book The Tale of Tales (Lo Cunto de li cunti), with their main series being retellings of fairy tales in the form of adventure games, each subtitled "a Tale of Tales" and linked together by a common character referred to as the Deaf-Mute Girl in a Pretty White Dress in the 8 website[6] and as the Girl in White in The Path's user manual.[7] It was hinted in an interview with ZillionMonkey that their next project, following The Path, will involve the character of Salome and be developed using the Unity authoring tool, which they had first trailed with The Graveyard as a side-project during development of The Path.

February 2010 saw the release of Vanitas, described as "a memento mori for your digital hands," their first work for the iPhone OS platform and their first with music by Zoë Keating.[8] On 1 March 2010 it was announced that they were commencing the development of two large projects, alternating between the two of them for the next 18 months (i.e. until September 2011).[9]


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